Ubuntu – Finding the gedit plugin folder


I am a bit confused as to where I should put externally downloaded plugins. I have tried putting them in:

  1. /usr/share/gedit/plugins
  2. ~/. Local/gedit/plugins
  3. ~/. Gnome2/gedit/plugins
  4. /usr/lib/gedit/plugins

The way I have checked whether the plugins show up or not is going to Edit -> Preferences -> Plugins and looking for the ones I have downloaded (clickconfig, gedit-developer-plugins-…). Since I do not see any new plugins appearing, I have to assume that I am doing something wrong.

None of these have worked. I am a bit tired of polluting my system. It's probably my own fault as it's written somewhere I have not thought to look. Please let me know how to add external plugins to Gedit properly. I am running Ubuntu 11.10. My Gedit version is 3.2.3


I am still not able to solve this problem. I have tried the following folder now as well, and it hasn't worked:

~/. Config/gedit/plugins


I am trying to install the plugins in "gedit-developer-plugins" as well as the "clickconfig" plugin.

Best Answer

First, I'll answer the question about the specific plugins. gedit-developer-plugins Install gedit-developer-plugins is available in the official Ubuntu archive, and I'd suggest installing it from there. clickconfig, on the other hand, unfortunately does not seem to have been ported to to Gedit 3 and is not compatible.

More generally, for Gedit 3 (which is in Ubuntu 11.10 and above) local plugins should be installed to ~/.local/share/gedit/plugins The .plugin file must be in that exact directory, sub-directories are not scanned. For instance, here's the file layout of mine:

$ tree ~/.local/share/gedit/plugins/
├── markdown-preview
│   ├── __init__.py
│   ├── __init__.pyc
│   └── locale
│       └── fr
│           └── LC_MESSAGES
│               └── markdown-preview.mo
├── markdown-preview.plugin
├── reSt-preview
│   ├── __init__.py
│   └── __init__.pyc
└── reSt-preview.plugin