Ubuntu – Dropbox works but no icon shows in the panel


I installed Dropbox on Xubuntu 14.04 using the package provided by Dropbox on its download web page.

Now, Dropbox works, but its icon does not show in the panel at startup, and I have to run dropbox stop && dropbox start in a terminal in order to get it.

I read that a simple workaround is to install package nautilus-dropbox via apt-get.

There are 2 issues:

  1. I don't know how to uninstall Dropbox safely, without messing anything up.

  2. My Dropbox folder is already synced on my PC. Once I install nautilus-dropbox, I'd like to make it read this folder without resyncing all that stuff. Is that feasible?

Best Answer

Did the site say to uninstall dropbox and install nautilus-dropbox? Or just install nautilus-dropbox? Maybe you don't need to uninstall. Anyway;

  1. This command:

    sudo apt-get remove dropbox

    will remove it safely.

  2. Copy your dropbox folder somewhere else, say your Documents folder, then copy it back. It shouldn't need to sync again.

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