Security – What is the Default Password for GNOME Keyring?


What is the difference between default and login?
And what does Default Keyring mean?

When I run some applications(Emphaty etc), Unlock Keyring window launched first, then it requires me password. Why?

This is a screen-shot when I run Emphaty.
enter image description here

Why does it require me a password? It's a just messenger. It makes me crazy.

I was able to find this Window.
I guess this Windows could give me a solution.
Before trying something to fix it, I'd like know about what they are.

Please explain them to me.
P.S My login password is not equal to default password now.

enter image description here

Best Answer

'Default' keyring actually means "the keyring called 'Default'" And it is a keyring automatically created upon user account creation.

That 'Default' keyring is where all the password goes, the Instant messaging app stores passwords, so it uses a keyring to store them. The keyring is locked so, to access it it need to unlock it to recover the passwords stored.

The password for that keyring is equal to the login password until you manually change one of these. So if you've changed login passwords now the keyring called 'Default' password is out of sync. Desktop uses your login password to try to unlock the keyring, if it fails ask you the password, assuming you've changed the keyring password.