Ubuntu – Can’t connect to Android device


My Android device won't connect. I've never got MTP to work, I've only ever got it to connect by USB mass storage, which was how it was working most recently. But now, since 13.04, it seems that option has been taken away entirely.

I need to be able to connect by USB to transfer files.

When I plug in the device I get an error that says Unable to open MTP device '[usb:002,003]':

enter image description here

After some web searching, I found that I might need a program called go-mtpfs, so I tried that, and it failed:

$ go-mtpfs /media/MyAndroid
2013/07/16 16:41:43 compiled against libmtp 1.1.5
Device 0 (VID=04e8 and PID=685e) is a Samsung Galaxy Y.
2013/07/16 16:41:43 found device Samsung: Galaxy Y (04e8:685e) @ bus 2, dev 3
LIBMTP PANIC: Unable to find interface & endpoints of device
2013/07/16 16:41:43 rdev.open failed: open: open returned nil

How do I get my USB device to just connect, automatically, like it used to?

Best Answer

On your Galaxy when you plug it in, a notification should pop up in your notification area saying that USB is connected. If you tap it, it should bring up two options. One is use as mtp device and the other is use it as mass storage. Tap mass storage then tap the new notification that pops up and tap the button that says "mount USB storage". It'll pick it up like a thumb drive (or two thumb drives, depending on if you have a memory card.) From then on when you connect it, just tap "mount USB storage" ... or so it works like that on my stock Galaxy S II. Hope it helps!