Ubuntu – ALT+TAB no longer groups windows under applications in Ubuntu 19.04


After installing Ubuntu 19.04, ALT+TAB no longer groups windows under the same application. Instead it cycles through all windows irrespective of which app it belongs to. In Ubuntu 18.10 it worked differently (and better in my opinion) such that ALT+TAB switched between apps, and ALT+| (key above TAB) switched between windows of the same app. How can I achieve this setup in 19.04?

NOTE: ALT+| still cycles through windows of the same app, but I cannot use ALT+TAB first to select the app from the shorter list of apps (compared to the list of windows), so then ALT+TAB loses much of its power if you have many windows open.

Best Answer

According to the release notes for Ubuntu 19.04, Alt+Tab behaves differently than before:

alt-tab handling now switches windows by default. Switching applications by default can be done with super-tab

The image below illustrates what Alt+Tab does:


And Super+Tab switches between applications with each application's windows available below:


The following image shows the default "switch" options in Settings > Devices > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Navigation:

Default keyboard options for switching windows/applications