Ubuntu – How to get alt-tab to cycle through all open windows on GNOME Classic


I am using Ubuntu 11.10 with "Gnome classic (no effects)" at login. Using alt+tab cycles between windows on current desktop. How can I set it to cycle through ALL open windows?

Well, I have done as proposed, here is what happened: when I pressed Alt+Tab, it still showed only window icons from current desktop. Furthermore, I could only switch between the two most recently used windows with a single Tab press. Releasing the Tab and pressing again closed the window chooser.

Another try after logout-login gave another result: pressing Alt+Tab just showed the main menu.

More ideas are welcome.

Best Answer

A bug has been reported to Launchpad on this issue. Until it's resolved, install Compiz Config Settings Manager, then use the "Scale" settings there to set ALT-TAB as you want it. Works nicely, actually.

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