Windows – How to paste the Windows clipboard into the PuTTY session, using only the keyboard

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I would like to paste text the Windows clipboard into my PuTTY session using only the keyboard. I am running PuTTY 0.60 on Windows XP.

Usage example: I just selected a bunch of nice text inside of my Emacs on Windows. I then shift my focus to a Putty window. Then I press the magic keyboard shortcut, and the application waiting for input on the other side gets some.

I have tried the keyboard shortcut to paste into cmd, Alt+Space+E+P, but it doesn't paste the clipboard into my PuTTY window.

This question and answer about opening the system menu using Alt+Space looks interesting, but it doesn't bring me closer to an answer.

So, does anyone know how can I paste the Windows clipboard into my PuTTY session using only the keyboard?

Best Answer

You can use Shift+Ins to paste text.

From PuTTY documentation:

Pasting is done using the right button (or the middle mouse button, if you have a three-button mouse and have set it up; see section 4.11.2). (Pressing Shift-Ins, or selecting ‘Paste’ from the Ctrl+right-click context menu, have the same effect.) When you click the right mouse button, PuTTY will read whatever is in the Windows clipboard and paste it into your session, exactly as if it had been typed at the keyboard.