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I have a folder on my HDD that contains like 1000 or so subfolders. These subfolders contain files and sometimes more subfolders.
Now what I want to have is a script that creates a .txt file for each folder on the first level. These then contain a list of file names and eventually the names of the subfolders and subfiles.
It is important to not cram it all into one file but into separate ones.

It should look like this

Name of the first folder.txt
Name of the second folder.txt
Name of the third folder.txt
Name of the fourth folder.txt
Name of the fifth folder.txt
Name of the sixth folder.txt

And Name of the first folder.txt should contain a list like this

Name of the first
Name of the second file.zzz
Name of the third
Name of the fourth file.zzz
Name of the fifth

Name of Subfolder 1
  Name of file.zzz
  Name of another file.zzz

Name of Subfolder 2
  Name of

  Name of Subsubfolder 1
    Name of
    Name of file2.zzz

Best Answer

Quick solution using the treecommand to print the directory structure.

@echo off

:: for each directory...
for /d %%D in (*) do (
  :: we'll go into it...
  cd %%~nxD
  :: use the 'tree' command to output its 
  :: structure in a nice way...
  tree /a /f > ..\%%~nxD.txt
  :: go back...
  cd ..

  :: remove the first 3 (useless) lines from the 'tree' output
  echo %%~nxD > stackoverflowrules.tmp
  for /f "skip=3 delims=*" %%a in (%%~nxD.txt) do (
    echo.%%a >> stackoverflowrules.tmp
  copy /y stackoverflowrules.tmp %%~nxD.txt
  del /f /q stackoverflowrules.tmp  
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