Windows batch file to move files to subfolders based on first word in file name

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I am bit of a batch file noob, so I'd really appreciate your help. I have a ton of files stored in a single directory which I wish to sort into subfolders based on the first word in their filenames. So, I have files like these:

C:\Folder\Wedding2018 img20929.jpg 
C:\Folder\Wedding2018 registry of guests.pdf

C:\Folder\HorseRiding2017 spirit1.jpg
C:\Folder\HorseRiding2017 guests.txt 
C:\Folder\HorseRiding2017 certificate.pdf

And I wish to move all files to subfolders based on the first word, ending up like this:

C:\Folder\Wedding2018\registry of guests.pdf


I've found a couple of scripts that almost do what I need, but I don't have the chops to bring it home:

"Need a script to create folders based on file names, and auto move files"

"How to extract second word of the string via windows batch"

I just can't work out how to integrate the script to grab the first word and make a directory to which the files will be moved.

Can you help me get this across the line?

Best Answer

  • Use one for to iterate folder content %%A with a pattern containing at least one space.
  • Another for /fis needed to split the name %%A into two parts, one before the first space tokens=1 = %%B and the rest tokens * = %%C.
  • If a folder with the name of %%B doesn't exist create it
  • Move the original file %%A to the subfolder %%B with the name %%C

:: Q:\2018\06\11\SU_1330475.cmd
@Echo off
PushD C:\folder
for %%A in ("* *.*") do for /f "tokens=1*" %%B in ("%%A") do (
     If not exist "%%B" MD "%%B"
     Move "%%A" "%%B\%%C"

> tree /f
│   SU_1330475.cmd
    │       certificate.pdf
    │       guests.txt
    │       spirit1.jpg
            registry of guests.pdf
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