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I have some files that need to be copied to a directory on a schedule. All the files have the same name but the extension increments (I have no control over this, it drives me mad)

I've tried running xcopy /C /D /Y /I "C:\Temp\Source" "C:\Temp\Destination"

But I get a message it can't find the file.

Right now I've got a bit of a bodge in place that uses an excluded file extension list and copies anything that isn't in the list but I feel like it might be able to be done better.

Best Answer

In your command line:

 xcopy /C /D /Y /I "C:\Temp\Source" "C:\Temp\Destination" 

as far as I can see, you haven't told xcopy what to copy. If you're trying to copy everything in C:\Temp\*.* then try:

 xcopy C:\Temp\*.* C:\Temp\Destination\ /C /D /Y /I
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