Windows XP xcopy files with extensions recursively

batch filexcopy

I have a single-line script that copies all ".ext1" files from current folder to destination folder recursively:

xcopy *.ext1 D:\dest /s /d /y

It works perfectly.

Now I want to copy all *.ext2 as well. Instead of copy-pasting (that works fine):

xcopy *.ext1 D:\dest /s /d /y
xcopy *.ext2 D:\dest /s /d /y

I want to use a for command:

for %%f in (*.ext1 *.ext2) do xcopy %%f D:\dest /s /d /y

but it does not work:

  1. It does not copy subdirs of source folder
  2. It does not copy files with names with spaces like "read me.ext1"

I tried to use a /R key:

for /R %%f in (*.ext1 *.ext2) do xcopy %%f D:\dest /s /d /y

but it resulted in copying subdir source files into the root folder of dest. And names with spaces did not go.

What is a correct form of the for command would be?

Best Answer

try this:

for %%f in (.ext1 .ext2) do xcopy *%%f D:\dest /s /d /y
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