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I can't get the Debian netinst boot disk (AMD 64, v5.7.0-7) to recognise either of the SATA disks in my Mac Mini Server. I had thought that the ATA-PIIX driver was the correct choice, but after failing to detect any disk drive at the "Detect disks" stage, when told "piix" is the needed name, it goes right back to this stage.

Can this boot system recognise this medium? If not, what boot system should I be looking at?

Postscript — whitequark says that PIIX is a PATA driver, sou couldn't drive a SATA drive. I've checked on the System Profiler, which confirms that the drives are mounted on SATA, and are 500 Gb Hitachi drives, model HTS725050A9A362, each with a NVidia MCP89 AHCI controller.

Best Answer

This bug has been reported and supposedly fixed. There is also a patch available. Link to the report and thread on debian bugtraq:

an updated package is already in launchpad

try using the regular install CD instead of netinst(it should have a newer kernel)

if you must use netinst, I'm thinking it will require rebuilding the iso with the new patched driver/replaced kernel

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