How to use an old PATA hard disk drive on the newer SATA-only computer

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I've got some old hard drives I'd like to connect to my new computer to quickly transfer gigs and gigs of data from the old drives to my nice large new drives. The old drives are PATA/IDE/ATA and the new computer's motherboard only supports SATA drives.

I found this PCI IDE raid controller card. Will this work? How do I power the old drives. My power supply has only new-style connectors.

I want to do a one-time dump of miscellaneous data (mp3s, DVD images, MAME roms, photos, videos, documents, etc.) off of 5-or-6 smaller, older PATA drives onto my newer, larger SATA drives. I've been unable to "retire" two old computers because I've never gotten around to this housekeeping task. Now I want to get rid of the clutter.

I'd rather avoid the USB solutions. I've got a lot of data to transfer and I want it to go as quickly as possible.

The DVD drive is SATA–not PATA. It's a Dell computer, they don't seem to give away a single extra port on their motherboards. I'm surprised it came with even a free PCI slot.

I've asked: How much slower is USB than SATA or PATA for HDD?

I don't know a power supply model number or anything. It came with a cheap Dell computer. There are no molex power connectors because the computer came with no such drives. The DVD drive is SATA.

I've found adapters, but they go the wrong way: old power supply to new drive.

molex 4pin male to 15pin SATA power cable

This was for a one-time bulk file copy to retire/repurpose the old disk drives and I'm now done. But, I would be interested to know if anyone found such an adapter.

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I ended up Frankensteining two computers together. I put a PCI PATA card in the new machine for the data connection and got power from a different computer. Ugly.

PATA drive in a SATA computer

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