iSCSI NAS – Is iSCSI Good for My Situation?


I want to setup a file server for my own personal use. It will be accessed from a simple home network by about 5 computers, mixed between Linux (Ubuntu, usually) and Windows.

I plan on using FreeNAS to host the network shares. While looking through FreeNAS's features, I noticed it supports iSCSI, something I don't have experience with.

Is iSCSI suitable for a small network? In the past I have tried Samba, FTP, SSH, etc, but none of these have worked as well as I would have liked on both Ubuntu and Windows.

Is iSCSI easy to setup (with FreeNAS), easy to connect to, and have good cross platform support?

Or is there a better choice?

Best Answer

An iSCSI target is presented to a host as a local disk. It is not suitable for sharing the same volume across multiple computers. You'll want SAMBA or NFS for this.

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