WD My Cloud impossible to reach (SSH, HTTP, Samba/NFS): How to back up the contents and do a Full Factory Restore


I own a WD My Cloud (WD My Cloud 4TB Personal Cloud Storage – NAS, model WDBCTL0040HWT-NESN, to be specific). I set it up to allow SSH access, which worked great for months. However, I ran apt-get update; apt-get upgrade, which updated a number of packages (100, as I remember), and rendered the NAS useless:
I can no longer access it via HTTP or SSH, and cannot access the Samba/NFS file shares through OS X. FTP does not work either.

When running the WD My Cloud Setup, it gives the following diagnostic message:
When running the WD My Cloud Setup, it gives the following diagnostic message

Following Western Digital's recommendations, I have tried to "soft reset" (hold the button for 4 seconds, which restarts it), and to perform a "System Restore" (hold it for 40 seconds, which resets the host name etc.). None of this seemed to work.
The only way I have been able to access my content is using an app on my iPad, oPlayerHD Lite, which I have used to view my photos and video recordings.

If it can be of any use, I tried to scan the ports on the NAS:

# nmap -p 0-65535

0/tcp     filtered unknown
111/tcp   open     rpcbind
139/tcp   open     netbios-ssn
445/tcp   open     microsoft-ds
2049/tcp  open     nfs
3689/tcp  open     rendezvous
9000/tcp  open     cslistener
9443/tcp  open     tungsten-https
34071/tcp open     unknown
34255/tcp open     unknown
37564/tcp open     unknown
39550/tcp open     unknown
49153/tcp open     unknown

My questions are:

  • How do I recover my data from the device? (I have backups of most of it, but want a complete copy of everything on it before I proceed)
  • How do I do perform a Full Factory Restore without using the regular web interface?

Best Answer

If http, ssh and smb don't work your best bet is to use the same protocol oPlayerHD Lite uses, which may be ftp from what I read in its website. Only you can determine what protocol is actually being used, however.

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