How to Reset Wave Volume and Overall Volume to Max in Windows


I have tried Wizmo but it doesn't seem to able to reset the wave volume, only the overall volume.

I would prefer it if the solution has a feature (like a command line switch) that will allow it to automatically reset the volume to max each time Windows starts.

How do I reset Windows' wave volume and overall volume to max?

Note: This was originally asked for Windows XP. I am currently using Windows 7 and the current accepted answer also works for it.

Best Answer

Even easier: Use nircmd (

Syntax: nircmdc [device] [left-volume] [right-volume] "nircmdc" with a "c" at the end is the command line version 0 = mute 32767 = half way 65535 = max volume

In your autostart.nt set
nircmdc.exe setvolume 0 65535 65535
nircmdc.exe setsysvolume 0 65535 65535
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