Windows – Automatically adjust volume for audio jack vs. built in speakers

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Is there a setting to have my Windows 10 laptop automatically remember my volume settings when I plug in or unplug a device (speakers or headphones) into the 1/8" audio jack?

For instance, if I plug in my headphones I would like it to revert the volume to whatever it was last time the headphones (or anything else) were plugged in; and when I unplug them I want it to switch to whatever it was before I plugged them in.

I have a Surface 3 which does exactly what I want, but my new Lenovo laptop doesn't. Where can I turn this feature on?


  • I have looked at this question, and it is asking basically the exact same thing, but it is also 5 years old and for Windows 7 and that answer doesn't seem to be applicable to Windows 10.

  • I am not concerned about differentiating between different speakers or between speakers and headphones or anything like that, I just want it to remember one volume for the built-in speakers and one for anything plugged into the audio jack.

Best Answer

I was able to figure out a solution based on the response to this question here:

I found another simple solution for this. If you have installed the Realtek software, open the Realtek HD Audio Manager , and check the " Disable front panel jack detection" option, under connector settings in the right side panel. The headphones and other audio devices work like a charm.

Although, when I went to the Realtek HD audio manager I had to click on "Device advanced settings" and then change the audio detector to "Multi-stream mode". That instantly separated the audio outputs for me.