Excel – Make the first row of an Excel chart be treated as a heading when it’s a number


Given a data sample like

Prisoner    24601   0.50
Day 1   80  90
Day 2   81  89
Day 3   82  90
Day 4   81  91

What's the easiest way to tell Excel that 24601 and 0.50 are data series names rather than Y axis values when creating a line chart?

Approaches I'm aware of:

  1. Turn Prisoner numbers into text by having ="24601" and ="0.50"
  2. Only select rows 2 onwards as data, and then add in the labels once the graph has been created?

Approaches that don't appear to work:

  1. Ask Excel to format the first row's numbers as text.

Best Answer

Clear the top left cell. The blank cell tells Excel that the first row (series names) and first column (category labels) are special.