MacOS – How to properly clean the ventilation slots on the Macbook Pro

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I moved to a tropical country and have a real problem with mosquitos and like insects

enter image description here.

They house themselves (dying) in the ventilation slots and I regularly clean it up with a cotton swab, but the space is so small that the slots stay dirty and I'm worried the MBP will have problems, also I like to have my things neat.

What would be the best way to clean this part of my computer, without pushing the mosquitos and the squished entrails deeper into the vents?

Best Answer


Head over to and look for your model.

Open up the bottom case, disassemble the fans. That is unscrew typically 3 screws and disconnect the cables.

Then hold on to the rotors so that they don't start spinning.

Then use a can of compressed air to blow away the biggest chunks of debris. Out of the fan-assembly, and out of the grills that would to the outside.

Afterwards use a damp cloth or better yet alcohol on a q-tip or similar implement to remove the finer and more sticky residues.

Let any fluids evaporate.
Then re-assemble everything.

The screwing part is easy, the cables need somewhat more delicate handling, so be careful.

Do not use a vacuum and do not let the rotors spin while cleaning!
Static electricity buildup or damage to the motors may result.

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