MacBook – How to clean speaker hole on macbook pro

macbook prospeakers

if you have macbook with thunderbolt – you will have some weird verry small hole on speaker.
If this hole is dirty – HOW TO CLEAN IT ?

I have try with vacum cleaner nor air compressor not work.

enter image description here

Best Answer

I would suggest you clean it from the back if you can open it to get there. If not, I would take something like a toothpick and put a piece of tissue on the end and inert in each hole in the cover being careful not to have dirt fall off inside. Probably doesn't matter if it does but I'd still be careful. I just counted the holes in the picture and there are about 1450 just in the picture with approximately 40 that are blocked. That works out to less than 3%. You can use this to determine if you wish to pursue this.