IPhone – iOS6 and Bluetooth OBDII Adapters


Does anyone know of a OBDII Bluetooth adapter that works with iPhone? I would be developing an application for the iPhone 5 where Bluetooth 4.0 is supported. I have found several adapters, but they do not support Bluetooth 4.0.

I am aware that Apple restricts Bluetooth development for Bluetooth versions before 4.0. Is there anyway to work around this so I could use older versions of Bluetooth? I am open to Jailbreaking the device if needed.

WiFi adapters are not an option.


Best Answer

Dash ( http://drivewithdash.com/ ) is promising a Bluetooth 4.0 ODB-II module, but it's not available yet; it's a Kickstarter project as of this writing ( http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/shred444/drive-with-dash ).

Also take a look at Automatic ( http://www.automatic.com/ ), as Brad Larson mentioned in the comments above.