IOS – Which iOS presentation/slideshow app can be controlled by a Trust Wireless bluetooth remote

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I want to use my iPhone (4S) with the VGA adapter to display presentations on a beamer (projector) and control the advancement with a Trust Wireless Remote Control for iPad.

The remote works well with music apps (iPod/Music, Rhapsody) and also in slideshow mode of the "Photos" app.

  • Unfortunately iOS does not (yet) support QuickTime movies with manual advance – which would be my favorite option.
  • Keynote for iOS unfortunately doesn't support generic bluetooth remotes (yet).

The best solution I've found so far is to use the "Photos" app and start a slideshow (of a group of images), which then can be controlled by the bluetooth remote.

Is there any app for presentations with the VGA adapter that supports bluetooth remotes?

As I have my iPhone with me anyway, I want to use as little (and least expensive) additional hardware as possible to give a presentation using a beamer with VGA input: the VGA out adapter and the bluetooth remote are working with my iPhone – I'm only missing a decent presentation app that supports both.

I would prefer a non-jailbreak solution that is likely to be compatible with new devices/iOS versions.

Best Answer

As of March 2012 there doesn't seem to be a real presenter app for the iPhone, which supports the Trust Wireless Remote Control (or generic bluetooth remotes, that do work with music apps) and offers VGA-out.

I really hoped I didn't search thoroughly enough but it seems such an app has yet to be made - and I bet it would sell well.

So, if anyone happens to find such an app for the iPhone or something that supports QuickTime movies with manual advance: please post it here and I'm gonna reward a bounty of ≥150 points.

The best way to go till then: Use a collection of pictures in slideshow mode of the "Photos" app (supports both VGA-out and bluetooth remotes)