IPhone – Apple Approval for Keychain


After update on my iPhone 7, I was prompted to set up some sort of approval where I needed to approve my phone from another device. When I went to my second device it asked to verify from another device also. I go to my third and last device to approve both the iPhone and the iPad from my MacBook and it says my MacBook needs to be approved too!? How am i supposed to approve all my devices if they all need approved?

Best Answer

Apple has many security features within their iCloud Keychain. According to this support article, you do have some options:

  • You can use your iCloud security code that you set up when you started using iCloud Keychain. If you enter it too many times incorrectly, you will have to contact Apple support to try again. Too many incorrect tries will delete your security code from Apple's servers.

  • You can also verify your identity with a text message sent to the number used when first setting up iCloud Keychain. If you no longer have access to this number, you can also contact Apple support for more help.

Hope you can get this sorted out!