Start a minimal Wayland session from command line


A way to debug X is that I start an X server (X -ac :0), then an xterm (DISPLAY=:0 xterm) and a WM on it (DISPLAY=:0 icewm).

It is unthinkably useful is there is a display problem.

What can I do with wayland? I absolutely do not want a full gnome, I just want a terminal and a VM – and see from the error output, if anything is bad.

I would also miss dbus, if possible.

Best Answer

Wayland doesn't have a notion of a "clean display server", it's part of your desktop environment.

You could try running mutter directly from your Linux console (Ctrl + Alt + F2) though and then try to launch any graphical terminal emulator, e.g. gnome-terminal:

mutter &
WAYLAND_DISPLAY=wayland-0 gnome-terminal

Or wayland-1.

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