Fedora – How to disable the on-screen keyboard when I use the touch screen

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I am using Fedora on a computer with touch screen. When was using Fedora 26 or older, the on-screen keyboard always pops up when I am using the touch screen (like when I selected gedit window, the on-screen keyboard shows, and I have to close it manually). I found that caribou is the keyboard which annoys me, and this answer helped me (by disabling caribou).

However, after upgrading to Fedora 27 (actually I installed it from scratch), disabling caribou no longer works, and the keyboard pops up whenever I am using touch screen on gedit (and other applications). What should I do to disable it?

Best Answer

You may use a GNOME shell extension called "Block Caribou".

It claims to block caribou (the on screen keyboard) from popping up when you use a touchscreen in GNOME shell v3.26.

Edit: for later versions and if Block Caribou doesn't seem to help try the newer shell extension Block Caribou 36.