Dropbox/Copy.com & Truecrypt


I have a partition that contains all my personal stuff, which is mounted at boot under /home/myuser/foo. I would like to synchronize it on the cloud via Dropbox or Copy.com, but I don't trust them, so I have to encrypt the data in some way.

As I understood, it creates a "volume" when opened, and the data is clear only in ram, which is great. The problem is that this volume is seen as a single file by the Dropbox/Copy.com client, so when I change something, as little as a text file, it will attempt to upload again the whole encrypted "volume".

There is some way to encrypt my data and upload it in security?

Best Answer

Instead of encrypting a whole volume, which is the TrueCrypt, LUKS and loopback approach, you can also encrypt the individual files you store in the cloud. Doing that manually with pgp before copying the file to your cloud synchronized directory is one way, but a bit cumbersome.

EncFS may be a solution for you instead. It transparently encrypts files, using an arbitrary directory as storage for the encrypted files.

Two directories are involved in mounting an EncFS filesystem: the source directory, and the mountpoint. Each file in the mountpoint has a specific file in the source directory that corresponds to it. The file in the mountpoint provides the unencrypted view of the one in the source directory. Filenames are encrypted in the source directory.

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