Xubuntu – Fix Xubuntu Reopening Last Session Applications


There's something strange going on with my Xubuntu setup (13.10 at the moment, but I remember having this issue in 13.04 as well, before upgrading). Each time I log in, the system reopens the applications that I didn't close before shutting down the computer last time. This is strange since in the session and startup settings I don't have the Automatically save session on logout setting checked. What can I do to fix this issue ?

Best Answer

Clear your sessions cache: Settings Manager, Sessions and Startup, Sessions Tab, Clear Saved Sessions.

Log out and log back in.

Reference: Xfce Docs » Core » Session Manager » Preferences

Another possibility is to delete the contents of ~/.cache/sessions. However, you will need to log out first and then open a console with Ctrl+Alt+F1 and log in from the keyboard. Then delete the contents or move the files elsewhere, and close the console using Ctrl+Alt+F7. Now, on logging in via the GUI, you should have a clean session.