Ubuntu – Xdg-open doesn’t do anything, Zoom in Chromium,


I'm running Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS.
As the title says, when prompt to "xdg open" on Zoom (chromium browser), nothing happens and I can't do a conference call.
Does anyone know what might be the issue?
I've came across this issue in another websites as well.

Best Answer

I just came across this, for some reason on another ubuntu install this works flawlessly and on this new ubuntu install it does not.

It seems it because of the way that snapd works: https://bugs.launchpad.net/snapd/+bug/1776873

There is a comment on the bug that mentions a possible fix: https://bugs.launchpad.net/snapd/+bug/1776873/comments/36

But the easier solution might be to install chromium from the repos and not from snap install (software centre). I uninstalled chromium snap and installed the chroumium found in the normal apt repo. The zoom install I used is first the one offered by zoom the company (a deb package) and the snap install found in the software centre. They both seem to work the issue being confirmed the chromium snap install being secure.

To remove the snap install:

$ snap remove chromium 

To install the package manager version:

$ sudo apt install chromium-browser

This save the step of having to copy and past the meeting id and password into the meeting. The above works in a fresh install of ubuntu 18.04

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