Ubuntu – x11 Remote Desktop with Ubuntu 12.04


When I was running Debian, I was able to start a remote session over x11 by just typing gnome-session

However, with Ubuntu 12.04, this only seems to result in my desktop and background being forwarded over x11 — the top bar (where the clock is) and dock are both missing. I tried starting all of unity by executing unity, but that just resulted in a segfault.

How can I start a Unity 2D session over x11?

Edit: I prefer x11 as I need to tunnel the connection over 2 other servers. I would need to do a good amount of port forwarding within SSH to get any other connections back. Of course, if someone has any other suggestions, I'm willing to listen.

Best Answer

I got it working with:

gnome-session --session=ubuntu-2d

This will automatically start unity-2d-panel and unity-2d-shell.

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