Ubuntu – Wubi “could not retrieve the required disk image”


I tried to download Ubuntu 12.04 through Windows Installer (Wubi), but I get this error message:

An error occurred: Could not retrieve the required disk image For more information, please see the log file: c:\user(username)\adddata\local\temp\wubi-12.04-rev266.log

I tried to locate the file, but I can't find it, it's probably hidden. I know there's already a similar question asked, but I don't understand proxy thing

Downloading error "Could not retrieve the required disk image "

I was wondering will I get this same problem if I download via USB stick or CD?

I'm running Windows 7 on a laptop. I'm not tech-savvy, so I need clear answer please.

Best Answer

This seems to be an issue with the wubi version, as described here, which creates incompatibility with the Ubuntu version you are trying to install.

Yes the log file is hidden on this location C:\users\username\appdata\local\temp\ The name of the file is something like "wubi-12.04.1-rev190.log" You have to enable "view hidden folders" on folders options of Windows Explorer.

This problem will not happen if you create a Live-USB or Live-DVD, because wubi is a installer inside Windows. You may try Ubuntu from a Live-USB without any changes to the system, however, given the fact that Wubi provides an easy way to try Ubuntu without partitioning, mess with boot menus and that you may uninstall it later just as easily as uninstalling any other application, here it is something that worked for me.

Try to get wubi installer from here instead: http://releases.ubuntu.com/precise/ It is the wubi.exe located at the bottom of the page.

Then try again the whole process and if everything goes fine this time, wubi will ask you to reboot computer. Do it and check if the option to boot Ubuntu is there.

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