Ubuntu – Workspace switcher shortcuts do not work anymore and new windows will be placed under launcher


I have a dual monitor setup under Ubuntu 16.04.1. After I updated a few days ago, the workspace switcher buttons (Ctrl-Alt-Arrows Keys) do not work anymore and each time I open a new window, it gets placed under the launcher and the top menu (see screenshot), instead of a next to those. Also, if I click on any of the launcher icons that indicate an active window, the workspace does not change anymore to the workspace where this window is placed. It does bring up the window if I am already in the correct workspace, though.

I do not know if there is a way to find out which packages were changed between 09/28/2016 and 09/29/2016, but I suspect it has to do with those, since I never had that problem before.

Also, I am not sure if unity is the right package or xorg to report as the source of the problem.

P.S.: here is an image that shows the problem:


Also I created a bug where all the apport information is attached: launchpad.

Best Answer

This typically happens when compiz plugins become un-set for whatever reason. To re-enable them you can use command line, but simplest way is via CompizConfig Settings Manager (not installed by default, so run sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager).

The example of what I have is in screenshots below. The Desktop Wall plugin is responsible for viewport (workspace) switching , while Place Windows is responsible for placement. Make sure they are checked. Note that Viewport Switcher is unchecked , since it provides extra keybindings for switching, but the default functionality is actually provided by Desktop Wall, not by Viewport Switcher plugin

enter image description here enter image description here

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