Ubuntu – Why won’t the Ubuntu GNOME accept the google password


I am using Ubuntu GNOME 14.04. I integrated my Google account with it. But every time I login GNOME asks for my google account password. But when I give it, it simply wont accept it! I am 100% sure I am typing the right password for my google account(It doesn't have 2 step verification at present. I was using it before but not now.) Since it didn't work I tried my login password but that too didn't work. Then I removed integration for that account from "Online Accounts" then removed all my cache and tried integrating again. It integrates, but again, if I type in my password when asked for, the same issue persists. Here is a screen shot:

(asking for password:)

enter image description here

(after right password is given:)

enter image description here

I tried following this answer partly(I deleted goa-1.0 but not evolution since it would delete my evolution configuration which I want!) But deleting goa-1.0 didn't let me integrate my google account at all and so it doesn't work!(I recreated goa-1.0 and now I can reintegrate my account but the password issue persists).

So now my question is: How do I integrate my google account with my Ubuntu GNOME without any such issues as explained above?

PS:- Should I be doing something with seahorse here? I dunno how it works and all and so if I have to use it, tell me what to do elaborately.

Best Answer

It's a known bug: #1353951.
It will be fixed with the last version of evolution-data-server (still in 'proposed').

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