Ubuntu – Wireless password not protected


This might be a security issue. In Ubuntu 14.10, 14.04… under -network connections/edit wi-fi/wi-fi security – my wireless password is shown and it can be seen by anyone who can access my computer.

Can I protect my password? Is there any application which will ask for root access? To whom shall I report this problem?

Best Answer

This is normal - Ubuntu has this out of the box.

What you can do, is restrict access to the actual command that allows you editing network settings, the nm-connnection-editor.

Open terminal with Ctrl + alt + T, and enter the following commands:

  1. ls -l $(sudo which nm-connection-editor) ; This will show current permissions for the nm-connection-editor

2.sudo chmod 700 $(sudo which nm-connection-editor) ; this will change the permissions

  1. Repeat the command #1, to make sure you have changed the permissions. Now try editing the connections.

NOTE : in case you ever want to go back to editing , you will need to enter this command sudo chmod 755 $(sudo which nm-connection-editor) to make the editor accessible again