Ubuntu – Wireless Driver for HCL ME (Realtek rtl8191sevb)


I recently bought HCL ME with Windows.

I formatted and installed Ubuntu netbook version. I am getting wifi is not connection it looks disabled in network place.

My network controller is Realtek semiconductor co., ltd rtl8191sevb rev 10

I am unable to get this driver to install can anyone help me?

Best Answer

There is a Ubuntu forum post here wireless disconnects periodically (RTL8191SEvB Wireless LAN Controller (rev 10)) which deals with your problem however I would try this first

rmmod r8192se_pci


modprobe r8192se_pci hwwep=0

if this doesn't work then reboot and everything will be back to normal if it works then you can add it as a permanent fix to /etc/modprobe.d/realtek.conf

and add this line

options r8192se_pci hwwep=0 

Hope this helps

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