Ubuntu – Wired Internet doesn’t work on ubuntu 12.04


Wired internet works on Windows but doesn't work on Ubuntu 12.04. I set it up manually. I am sure I did everything correctly. It even says Connection established but Internet doesn't work in any program.

I installed it on my PC. I didn't delete Windows yet.

My settings:


DNS servers:,

My router: TP-Link TD-w8101g

Best Answer

Open the terminal and type in the following


You should get replies not host not found or request timed out. I am assuming the is your router's IP address.

If the above worked it means it's connected to the router. Next try ping google servers and see if you are able to

ping www.google.com

if that works you should be able to access the internet but if it doesn't there might be a problem with DNS. If so try pinging the IP address of google servers just to make sure it can be reached via IP address


(this is a google DNS server IP address which doesn't change)

If that works you have your answer... DNS issue. If it doesn't work then check the resolv configuration file to see what the default nameserver is set to and change it to your router. The resolv.conf (base) can be accessed by typing

sudo nano /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/base

and change the name-server to your router's IP address as


Now restart your computer and test again.

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