Ubuntu – Windows 10 dual boot ubuntu on ssd and data on hdd

dual-boothard drivessdwindows 10

I currently have windows 10 and I want to have ubuntu as second os, but I plan on using it more than windows, to get better at using the cli and linux in general. To have better performance I want to install ubuntu on my ssd, but because I don't have much room anymore (50GB), I want to store the data on my hdd. I saw another similar question but I couldn't understand everything there. I don't know enough about installing ubuntu.

These are some general questions I have:

  • How big should the ubuntu partition on my ssd and hdd be?
  • I don't know the meaning of all the options you get when installing ubuntu
    (how do I know what's my ssd and hdd in the list of partitions?)
  • What are the general steps to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance

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