Ubuntu – Window title-bars missing occasionally in Unity


window (title and icon) sometimes doesn't appear. As a solution to this, I have to logout and login again. Is there something wrong with my system? How to make sure that this doesn't happen again?


Best Answer

You can try couple of things:

  1. Resetting Unity

    Hit Alt+F2 and run:

    unity --reset

    Please note that this will "reset profile parameters in compiz and restart the Unity shell with default settings." That is to say, you may lose some of your customizations (if you've made any), including to the notification area.

    However, this is still much safer than CCSM (described below), and it is a good idea to reset Unity before implementing a CCSM-based solution.

  2. CompizConfig Settings Manager

    Install CCSM (If you don't already have it) by running following command in terminal

    sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager

    Open it by searching "CCSM" in Unity dash.

    enter image description here

    Once open, Click on the "Effects" category and make sure that "Window Decoration" is enabled.

    enter image description here


When window borders are missing you can still perform some basic functions like, minimise, maximise and move. Press and hold Alt and right click on the window.