Ubuntu – Will Wubi work on a Truecrypt Full Disk Encryption Windows partition


I have a windows machine using Truecrypt 7.1a FDE. I would like to use wubi to install Ubuntu within windows. Will doing this cause any issues with my system booting up? From what I understand Wubi does not modify any bootloaders. All it does is modify some boot settings within windows. So in theory the Truecrypt custom bootloader will remain the same, and after I get through the truecrypt prompt, have the option of windows or Ubuntu right?

Best Answer

Sorry, not possible with Full Disk Encryption

It will not cause any issues...until after you select the "Wubi" entry on the boot menu. Wubi will not boot, complaining about a missing root.disk.

This happens because Wubi-Ubuntu does not have the Truecrypt driver necessary to access the underlying encrypted NTFS disk (which contains its root.disk).