Ubuntu – Will Unity be the only option during install


I'd like to know if Ubuntu will offer other Desktop environments as an option during installation. This is only should we decide that Unity is not for us.

Best Answer

Ubuntu (the stock CD) has never offered an option to install different desktops in the installer, you make that decision by selecting Ubuntu, or Kubuntu, or Xubuntu, etc.

Unity will be the default desktop if your hardware supports it. If your hardware does not support Unity, you will get the same desktop that you have today, GNOME 2.x., which is available as the "Ubuntu Classic Desktop" in the login screen. Users can also just log into the classic session if they prefer the older GNOME desktop.

For those asking if Ubuntu will ever have an option in the installer for people to choose whatever desktop they want then no, that will not be available in the default desktop cd. Of course you can use the alternate installer to preseed your install with the desktop you want or have a custom kickstart or whatever.

If someone were to make a community derivative with GNOME Shell (or one that does let the user choose) then you can find information on how to do that here.