Ubuntu – Will Ubuntu work if I remove Windows?

uninstallwindows 7wubi

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Does Ubuntu rely on Windows if I install it using the Windows installer?

I am planning to install Ubuntu 12.04 using Wubi in Windows7. If in future I want to remove Windows(and then reinstall) will I be able to keep Ubuntu?
Assume that I have installed Ubuntu in a separate partition.

Best Answer

Assuming that you mean installing ubuntu using wubi and place ubuntu folder in another drive

If you simply remove windows partition installed ubuntu will die because it is installed as a windows program ,

still you have to possibilities

1 . Migrate wubi to real installation before removing windows

2 . Backup ubuntu folder , and then install wubi in freshly installed windows, replace the ubuntu folder with backuped ubuntu folder

But both of the above methods are not fool proof , So you should seriously consider installing ubuntu in separate partion instead of using wubi

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