Ubuntu – Will I lose all of the data if I replace Windows with Ubuntu?


I wish to install Ubuntu OVER Windows. Windows is installed on my "C" partition. I also have another partition which contains 95% of my data.

I really would like to know if I install Ubuntu, will it delete all of my data on "D" partition? Or will it only overwrite on "C"? My goal is to install Ubuntu on "C" and keep all of my "D" partition data.

Best Answer

No you won't loose your data. Here are the steps you should take:

Choose installation type

Let's assume that your C:/ drive is sda1, click on the Change button.

enter image description here

A window will pop up. Here you can set the size of the partition, its type and mount point. Check the box Format the partition, use Ext4 and Mount point: / which means root.

enter image description here

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