Ubuntu – Will an external HDD encrypted with 17.10 be accessible with 18.04 after an upgrade


I'm currently on 17.10 and don't use encryption on my internal drives
but have an external USB disk which is encrypted. I use it for backups.

Because I am was not sure whether I use ecryptfs or cryptsetup
I show the steps it took to set up the external disk:

  1. Activities → Disks → Select drive → Create Partition → Format Volume:

  2. Enter Password (twice) → Create

When I plug in the HDD, Ubuntu prompts me to enter the passphrase and then
mounts it. It works like a charm and I'm able to write my backups to that
external disk. There are no .Private folders and no other files besides
the one I put there (plus the lost+found folder). For illustration I
used a 4GB stick here but the steps were the same with the actual disk.

From some comments I learned this happens to be cryptsetup then and not

What will happen when I upgrade to 18.04? Given 18.04 doesn't support
encryption by default, I'm afraid I cannot restore my backups any longer.

Will it make a difference when I don't upgrade but do a fresh install?

Best Answer

You should have no trouble mounting the external drive as long as you have cryptsetup:

sudo apt install cryptsetup

Once this is installed you will be able to mount the drive via file browser.