Ubuntu – Will 3D games run in a VirtualBox4-hosted Windows system under Ubuntu with Intel GMA X4500HD card

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I've just got a laptop with Intel GMA X4500HD card (which is said to be DirectX10-compliant, while my previous laptop had Intel 82852/855GM and no chance to play modern 3D games at all). It would be nice if I could play some games (like HalfLife 2, StarCraft 2, Fallout 3) from time to time (while I am ok using lo-fi settings and having low performance) but as I strongly prefer Ubuntu environment and don't need Windows usually I'd like to install Windows inside VirtualBox instead of using a dedicated partition and dual-boot. So the question is if VirtualBox can use 3D acceleration of Intel GMA X4500HD if run on Ubuntu.

Best Answer

No you can't the 3D Driver that Virtualbox Uses it's not even capable of running the Aero interface in the virtual machines, the 3D it's just basic, and it can't directly access your GPU to provide full 3D support

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