Ubuntu – Will 16.04 LTS ISO image be modified to include Spectre and Meltdown fixes?


was about to download and install Ubuntu a week or so ago, then Spectre and Meltdown issues came to the fore and I decided to wait. Will the LTS ISO image available for download be patched? If so, I'd prefer to wait for a short while until that happens.
If it's not going to be patched, and I install from the LTS iso downloaded from Ubuntu site, will the update come automatically, or will I be on a learning curve to manually update?

Best Answer

Always upgrade after install

Irrespective of Meltdown and Spectre whenever you install from Live USB or DVD (do they still make those?) you should update your Ubuntu and Kernel using:

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

This will give you the latest fixes for everything including Meltdown and Spectre.

Alternatively if you have modern hardware you might want to consider upgrading to the newest mainline / stable kernel.

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