Ubuntu – Wifi still sleeping when resume


When I put my desktop in hybernate and then put it back on the wifi is gone. It is simular to the problem described here. But to fix it you have to run a command sudo nmcli nm sleep false. But the nm thing is not working anymore. It has been removed from nmcli (Describe here). So what could you do to fix it?

I am using ubuntu gnome 4.2

Best Answer

Please open a terminal and do:

gksudo gedit  /etc/systemd/system/wifi-resume.service

Use nano or kate or leafpad if you don't have the text editor gedit. A new empty file will open. Add the following:

Description=Local system resume actions

ExecStart=/bin/systemctl restart network-manager.service


Proofread carefully twice, save and close the text editor.

Now do:

sudo chmod +x  /etc/systemd/system/wifi-resume.service

And next:

sudo systemctl enable wifi-resume.service

I suggest you reboot. Test and let us hear your report.