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I have installed driver rtl8723bu for poor wifi signal problem. now problem is solved but i am seeing two interfaces for same(only one usb adapter) wifi adapter.

ifconfig screenshot:

ifconfig screenshot

Gnome wifi option:

gui screenshot of gnome wifi option

Best Answer

I assume that you downloaded the usual driver from the lwfinger git repository. If this is so, please open a terminal and change directories to the location of the files:

cd ~/Desktop/rtl8723bu

Or wherever you downloaded the file, if not Desktop.

Let's clean up the old driver files:

make clean

And update the driver with any changes:

git pull

In the README.md, concurrent mode is explained:

Concurrent or Non-Concurrent Mode

By default driver operates the hardware as a station AND as an access point simultaneously. This will show two devices when you run the iwconfig command.

If you do not want two devices (station and an access point) simultaneously, then follow these instructions.

  • Step 1: Run the following command in the Linux terminal. nano Makefile

  • Step 2: Find the line that contains EXTRA_CFLAGS += -DCONFIG_CONCURRENT_MODE and insert a # symbol at the beginning of that line. This comments that line and disables concurrent mode.

Now run:

sudo make install


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