Ubuntu – Why isn’t the new “postgres” user I created showing up in User Accounts


I just did a fresh install of Ubuntu 12.04 on a Dell Inspiron 1545, then downloaded & installed all the latest updates. Now when I create a new user postgres in the "User Accounts…" window, it creates the account, but it's not listed in the User Accounts window. Since it's not listed, I am not able to create a password or "enable" the account so they can login.

I have tried reinstalling Ubuntu 12.04 thinking there might have been a bug during installation, but I got the same thing again. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Best Answer

As you found out, Ubuntu reserves the postgres user for maintenance (upgrades, backups, etc.) and other internal tasks, which require that this "user" be able to login without a password. Consequently, postgres is hidden from the User Accounts list, even if you create that user manually.

To allow local PSQL connections with a password, you can use the createuser utility and grant that user admin privileges.