Ubuntu – Why can’t I run Java Web Start Applications


I have Ubuntu 12.10 for x86-64 on my PC and I'm trying to run a .jnlp file. I've installed Java 7 and the Java plugin for Mozilla Firefox manually (because there is no .deb package for Java 7 for Ubuntu).

Whenever I double click a .jnlp file, Firefox is opened and it gives me the option of opening the file with Firefox or saving it. If I click save, it download the file I'm trying to run, and if I click open with Firefox web browser, it opens another tab and asks me again (in the new tab) to either open or save.

I used to run the exact same file on Debian, so what should I do to run this file on Ubuntu?

Best Answer

First install the icedtea-8-plugin package (or later version) that include the java browser-plugin and the javaws webstart tool that can launch .jnlp files.

Use javaws to open the downloaded .jnlp file.