Ubuntu – Who makes laptops for Ubuntu


I'm looking for a laptop and would like to avoid the whole 'is this [specific configuration of hardware] compatible with Ubuntu?' process by finding a laptop manufactured with Ubuntu in mind.

I know of system76, but are there any other manufacturers making laptops built to run a standard build of Ubuntu?

I'm not counting Dell, as – from my experience – their 'Ubuntu' laptops/netbooks require their build, and because of that have their own set of compatibility issues. UPDATE: And as mentioned in the comments, Dell is no longer selling systems with Ubuntu to consumers.

Best Answer

I FOUND IT- Here is a detailed list (by help.ubuntu.com) with all of the vendors (apparently) that have ubuntu pre-installed and what type of computers they sell with ubuntu pre-installed. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuPre-installed

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