Ubuntu – Which ubuntu version works fine with sis driver 671 771


I unfortunately have notebook ASUS K50C which uses a sis graphics driver.
I tried many different options from different forums but I am still having screen resolution problems. Its screen resolution is still really low.
Despite that, I cannot watch any kind of video as computer becomes overloaded is not able to play the video normally.
I am currently using UBUNTU 14.04.
Can anyone help me to solve the problems or does anybody know which version of Ubuntu works fine with this computer?
Thanks in advance

Best Answer

There is no currently supported version of Ubuntu which supports SiS 671/771 cards (this is bug #301958). Your options are:

  • Use an obsolete unsupported version of Ubuntu and never update. Not really recommended since you will not get security updates, but if you want to try it then 12.04.2 has been reported to work.

  • Try Linux Mint 13. There have been reports that it contains some older modified SiS driver that works.

  • Give up and buy a laptop with supported graphics. An old Thinkpad with ATI graphics can be bought for $50 on Ebay and it will run Xubuntu/Lubuntu well.

  • If you are a developer, you can fix the source. The issue has been brought up on the Xorg mailing list, and an Xorg developer responded (1 2)

    If those still don't work, get your hands dirty... if any particular strings appear in error messages, find those strings in the source and figure out what function is failing. Then compare the execution of the broken copy to the last working copy you remembered. If the API of some dependency changed, use git bisect to repeatedly compile the kernel or the Xserver until you find the exact line of code in the dependency that made the difference. Hacking the driver might sound hard, but it's not so hard that you have to pay someone to do it.

    The problem here is not that some gigantic reverse engineering effort is needed. The problem is that a few tiny janatorial fixes were required. And it's easy to miss one when the developer implementing the fixes doesn't have a SiS card on which to test.

Basically nobody knows what the actual problem is, so someone with the affected hardware needs to git-bisect the Xorg driver source and figure out how it got broken.